Y-ACT, Youth in Action is the fastest growing online network of youth advocacy organizations in Kenya. We believe that youth organizations are passionate about positive change.

Now more than ever, youth have the potential to improve the policy environment for a better society.

Y-ACT gives youth advocates an opportunity to:

Acquire the right SKILLS to improve their advocacy efforts.

Find a common VOICE on issues related to Gender Equality and Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR)

Increase their representation and PARTICIPATION in policy decision-making structures and county level decision-making bodies in the countries.

What the youth say…..

“Advocacy priorities and topics need to be shaped by us – the young people”

“We need to create platforms for youth networks to know and engage with each other”

“We need to include youth from all counties in Kenya and those who represent marginalized and vulnerable populations”

about the project
The youth advocacy registration portal is a product of Y-ACT Youth in Action, a platform that seeks to strengthen the voice, skills, and participation of youth across Kenya to advocate for youth-identified policy and resource priorities.
It takes 8 minutes to register